A cabbage on a light green background.
The Ingredient You Require To Add A Nice Kick To Bland Cabbage
By Riya Anne Polcastro
Cabbage doesn't always have to play a supporting role in a dish. Adding horseradish will give those tender, melt-in-your-mouth leaves a spicy punch.
An easy way to get started is to add the horseradish after you're done sautéing and roasting your cabbage because it will keep the spicy seasoning from drying out and sticking.
When it comes to braised cabbage, on the other hand, you can add the horseradish directly to the braising liquid in your crock pot or Dutch oven.
You could even grate some fresh, raw horseradish as a finishing touch over charred or roasted cabbage wedges, but try not to overdo it.
Horseradish is rather strong, and its spiciness can be overwhelming. So unless you want to seriously clear out your sinuses, don't use too much all at once.