A slice of carrot cake with almond flakes.
The Ingredient Swap That Brings Out The Toasty Flavor Of Carrot Cake
By Kuamel Stewart
The luscious moisture in carrot cake is obtained by baking the cake with oil, but if you crave a deliciously nutty carrot cake, substitute the oil with brown butter.
Brown butter has an intensely toasty flavor that will make your carrot cake richer. You can make brown butter by melting butter on a stovetop until the milk in it becomes toasty.
It will only take a few short minutes for your butter to turn into brown butter. Once it's done, use an electric mixer to blend it with brown sugar and eggs.
In a separate mixing bowl, create a flour mixture by combining flour with cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Then, blend the two mixtures to form the batter.
Add any extra ingredients to the batter for more flavor, such as raisins and walnuts. Transfer your batter to a baking pan, and begin to bake your carrot cake.
Once the cake is done baking and the cheese frosting has been applied, you can enjoy a carrot cake that tastes incredibly nutty and toasty.