The Ingredient Chrissy Teigen Swears By For Her Famous Banana Bread
By Wendy Mead
Banana bread is both delicious and simple to make. Cookbook author Chrissy Teigen puts a delightful twist on the classic recipe by adding vanilla pudding mix.
Writing on her website about the dish from her cookbook "Cravings: Hungry for More," Teigen noted, "Vanilla pudding gave it a fluffy, moist texture I could never have imagined."
Vanilla pudding mix has sugar, starch, salt, and flavorings, improving the flavor and texture without overpowering the bananas. Avoid banana pudding, as it has an artificial taste.
The starch in the pudding thickens the bread batter, leading to a richer loaf after baking and giving it an airier texture. The mix's added sugar also keeps the bread moist.
Teigen is also a fan of adding a chopped-up bar of dark chocolate rather than chocolate chips and likes to incorporate some shredded coconut flakes into the batter.