The Ingenious Method You Need To Know For Reheating Mashed Potatoes
By Margaret McCormick
If you’re a fan of fluffy cloud-like mashed potatoes, the "eureka!” prep-ahead-and-reheat technique from The Kitchn and Rachel Dolfi is something you’ll absolutely love. This “hack” goes against the traditional belief that mashed potatoes must be prepared moments before being set on the dinner table, but it’s so simple and effective that you’ll regret not knowing it beforehand.
In The Kitchn’s article, Dolfi — a New York City-based culinary producer and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) — recalls being tasked with preparing 20 pounds of mashed potatoes at the CIA. She then notes how one chef instructed students to cook the potatoes a day ahead, dump them in a casserole, smooth the top, and cover them with heavy cream.
For a scaled-back version of this at home, Dolfi recommends putting mashed potatoes in a deep ceramic dish and flooding the top with heavy cream. The potatoes will soak up the cream, creating pillowy soft mashed potatoes on reheating, which can be done in a low oven or the microwave.