Rustic homemade rock cakes in a rustic home kitchen setting, Newport, Wales, 2010
The Important Step To Not Forget When Making Cookies
By Brianna Corley
Baking the perfect cookies rely not only on the right ingredients but also on the baking techniques. Simply mixing ingredients and popping them onto a baking tray is a big no-no; instead, start by creaming your sugar and butter to ensure soft and delectable cookies.
This baking technique causes air bubbles in your cookie dough, making your cookies' texture light as a feather. By forcing air into your batter, as Food Network reports, your dessert will have a pillowy "structure" and prevents your treat from flattening out while baking.
Martha Stewart says to start with room-temperature butter, then beat the two ingredients together on medium speed. It can take up to five minutes for your ingredients to properly cream; however, you will know it is finished when your mixture appears "pale and fluffy."
When creaming your sugar and butter, it is essential to note that beating the mixture too fast could add too-big air bubbles to your cookies, making them fall and flatten, and beating the mixture for too long will make it fall apart. In addition, use room-temperature eggs for your dough and slowly add them to the bowl to keep the batter's air bubbles intact.