Opened can of tuna
The High Quality Costco Canned Tuna You Can Feel Good About Eating
By Stacie Adams
Manufactured by Wild Planet, Costco's Albacore Wild Tuna comes in a 6-pack containing 5-ounce cans for $19.99. While the cost may seem high, the quality makes it worth it.
These cans of pure white meat tuna are kosher and non-GMO. No liquids are added to cans, although the tuna is lightly seasoned with sea salt to bring out its inherent flavors.
84% of Amazon customers give this tuna five stars, with over 9,500 global ratings as of May 2023. Many people favor its flavor, as well as the quality of the fish and packaging.
It is also popular among customers because it is labeled as "sustainably pole and line caught," which is crucial when it comes to environmental preservation.
Line and pole fishing doesn't enact the same environmental harm as other commercial methods, as explained by Wild Planet. It focuses on a single species and reduces plastic debris.