Roasted vegetables on baking sheet
The Hack That Will Give You Perfectly Roasted Veggies Every Time
By Mikala Lugen
It can take quite a bit of time and effort to roast different kinds of vegetables. However, if you want to perfect your veggies every time, the Instagram Reel from @brunchwithbabs shows how to roast all your vegetables on one baking sheet at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
First, lay out your harder vegetables, like potatoes and beets, which take around 25 to 40 minutes to cook. Once they're halfway through roasting, add the easier vegetables, like asparagus and tomatoes, which require about 15 minutes of cooking time.
Distribute the veggies evenly, and cut the harder root vegetables into smaller pieces, using enough oil and seasoning to coat them thoroughly. Consider rotating and flipping your vegetables halfway through to get that roasted caramelized flavor, but make sure you aren't mixing harder root vegetables with softer ones.