A closeup of duck sauce packets.
The Genius Way To Use That Extra Duck Sauce From Your Takeout
By Ryan Loughlin
Instead of throwing away the leftover Chinese duck sauce packets that came with your take-out order, use them to make a marinade for different types of protein.
Its versatility plays well with everything from pork loins to chicken thighs to flank steak, giving a fun punch of Asian flavor to whatever protein you choose.
Duck sauce marinade is best when paired with other ingredients. Even simple ingredients like salt and water will create a straightforward and tasty marinade.
You can also pair it with other Asian-inspired flavors like soy, mandarin orange zest, garlic, and sesame oil to add complexity to the flavor.
As with any marinade, experimentation is half the fun. After you add your meat, throw it in the fridge for a few hours to let the flavors infuse before cooking.