Fresh bora fry with boiled oil
The Genius Way To Clean Used Frying Oil That You Never Knew About
By Ashley Reut
Frying things at home means dealing with the hassle of tiny bits of whatever you fry in the oil each time you’re done cooking. The used oil can't go down the garbage disposal and probably shouldn't be poured into a garbage bag either, but there’s a hack you can try to clean used oil and make it reusable.
Rather than trying to sift through the oil with a fork or a mesh ladle, or even pouring it through coffee filters, try using some unflavored gelatin and water. Let the used oil cool to room temperature or just slightly warmer, simmer some water (about ½ cup per quart of oil you want to clean) in a pot, and stir in your gelatin (1 tsp per ½ cup of water) until it's dissolved.
Mix the gelatin mixture with the warm oil, being sure to stir the entire time, and place it in your fridge overnight. The following morning, pour the oil into a container and discard the disk of gelatin containing all the chunks you don't want, leaving you with nice and clean oil to reuse when you want.