Ripe champignon mushrooms in bowl on wooden table isolated on black
The Genius Reason You Should Boil Mushrooms Before Sauteing
By Jess Jeziorowski
Soggy mushrooms are a result of sauteeing them straight away in a pan. However, if you boil them before you sautee them, you’ll never have to worry
about soggy mushrooms again.
Mushrooms have a unique structure made of fibers called hyphae, which are around 90% water. This unique structure makes it impossible to overcook them.
When they’re cooked, both the water and the air are forced out of the hyphae, collapsing the air pockets and preventing any water or oil from entering the mushroom.
This is why mushrooms won’t turn mushy or dry and will
result in deliciously browned mushrooms once they’re sauteed.
However, because mushrooms already have enough water, add only ¼ cup of water. You can keep adding water as needed until you reach your desired doneness.
Once the water evaporates in the pot, you will be left with mushrooms that are cooked and ready to take on any flavorings or color you want.