two flying levitated fried eggs on blue backgrounds.
The Game-Changing Trick For Flipping Eggs Without Breaking Yolks
By Grace Allison
To eliminate broken yolks in your morning eggs, try this smart trick that involves using a saucepan lid to carefully flip them, courtesy of TikToker @mealsandmuchies.
To use this trick, first lightly coat a saucepan lid in non-stick oil or butter as your cooking egg begins to sizzle so that it won’t stick once you flip it.
When the egg can glide freely in the pan, slip it onto the greased-up lid to use it like a giant spatula; this makes it easier to have control of the whole egg before flipping it.
If your frying pan is smaller, try turning it over and connecting the lid (with eggs on) to the upside-down frying pan to reduce the risk of eggs flying off somewhere.
To avoid flipping your eggs, pour a little water into the pan while they cook and cover the eggs with a lid for a minute when they start sizzling, which will cook the surface.