A closeup of Alton Brown at a public event.
The Game-Changing Ingredient Alton Brown Adds To Tomato Soup
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
Tomato soup is a dish that can benefit from uncomplicated additions, and Alton Brown uses a secret ingredient to give his tomato soup some extra life — anchovies.
Anchovies are small fish typically filleted, packed in oil, and bursting with salty, savory flavor, making them perfect for upgrading your soup with an umami boost.
All you have to do is add a fillet to your stock when simmering your aromatics. The anchovies tend to dissolve into the mixture, meaning you won't find flakes in your soup.
You don't need many of them, either. Alton Brown suggests using just one fillet for an entire pot, although you could use more and adjust to your taste.