Air Fried, Crispy Chicken Wings
The Frozen Wings Costco Shoppers Are Loving In The Air Fryer
By Carolyn Jenkins
Costco offers deals on many foods that have been a hit with members, including chicken wings. On your next Costco run, grab a bag of Foster Farms' Take Out Crispy Wings.
With 4 lbs of luscious meat, there is only one way to cook these wing sections up. Shoppers have almost universally named the air fryer as their appliance of choice.
Although you can use your oven or the microwave in a pinch, shoppers claim that making the wings in an air fryer consistently creates an unmatched, crispy texture.
Costco's Foster Farms offers many flavor options and impressive selections of chicken wings, including original, buffalo, and the highly popular Korean Barbecue flavor.
The bags include sauces separately in packets, which makes the chicken wings quite versatile. Many posters make various recommendations regarding cooking the wings.
"In the air fryer I do 380 for about 20 minutes and then 425 for another 10," Reddit user u/Visible_Ad_309 remarked. "They end up actually crispy and quite good."