A close up of dandelions on a hill with one gone to seed.
The French Dandelion Jelly That Actually Tastes Like Honey
By Allie Sivak
While dandelion root has gained familiarity, many don't realize that the vibrant flowers have a sweet, honey-like taste and can be made into a syrupy jelly called cramiallote.
Originating in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France, dandelion jelly is compared to honey because of its sweet, floral notes and is the perfect accent for spring recipes.
Oranges and lemons are common citrus components as they complement the floral notes, resulting in a delicate, subtly tart, sweet flavor reminiscent of grassy fields and spring.
The texture and concentration of flavor can range between different dandelion jellies based on the ingredients and how long the jelly is simmered.
Dandelion jam can be drizzled atop creamy cheeses like brie or spread with a knife on a thick crusty piece of toast for a satisfying breakfast or afternoon snack.
Dandelion jam is also a great vegan alternative to honey for snacking, baking, or cooking for those looking to avoid or reduce animal ingredients or by-products.
To make the jam, simmer dried dandelions with citrus and sugar in a saucepan, strain, and cook the sugary floral extract again to thicken it before transferring it to a jar.