Close up of fresh organic curly kale leaves over linen textile. Food background. Healthy eating ingredients. Flat lay. space. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Foolproof Way To Strip
Kale Leaves
Using Tongs
By Gregory Lovvorn
For many years, people have recognized kale as a versatile vegetable that packs a major nutritional punch. One issue some people have when cooking with kale is that the stalks are hard, meaning it can be time-consuming to strip the more tender leaves from these central ribs.
The Modern Nonna has an Instagram video from March that demonstrates how to easily strip kale — use kitchen tongs with a loop on the end (or anything you can find with a smallish hole), then simply slide kale stalks through the loop from the root end. As the loop slides up, it will strip away the tender leaves and leave you with a clean stem.
Most people throw away their kale stems since they can be hard to chew, but the stems are actually the most nutrient-dense portion of the plan. Bon Appétit offers several suggestions, including dusting them in flour and frying them into crunchy kale nuggets, as well as blanching, which helps them freeze better.