Chocolate brownies on a white background
The Foolproof Hack For Cutting Brownies Without Making A
Crumby Mess
By Stacie Adams
You can keep crumbly brownies intact when cutting them into squares by using a roll of parchment paper, butter, and an extra sharp knife.
Brownies can crumble if you bake them for too long, if you flub the wet-dry ingredient ratio, or if you cut into them too soon.
After combining ingredients, liberally grease the baking pan with a stick of butter and cover the inside with two strips of parchment paper.
Position one strip of parchment paper from the front to the back, with the other from left to right. If done correctly, the two strips will form a cross-like shape.
Once the pan is covered, take your stick of butter, rub it on the parchment paper, pour in the brownie batter, and bake according to the recipe instructions.
Cut the brownies only when they've cooled down (about 30 minutes), and then grab the overlapping strips of parchment paper in each hand and lift the brownies out of the pan.
Use a serrated knife, which has blades with multiple saw teeth, making it ideal for cutting thick, crusty foods. Be sure to cut the brownies on the counter, not in the pan.