A closeup of an Aldi store signage.
The Familiar Brand Behind Some Of Aldi's Chocolate Products
By Meaghan Cameron
One of Aldi's many beloved gems is Moser-Roth chocolate bars. Many connoisseurs assert they rival some of the finest premium ones.
Moser-Roth chocolates, available in various forms such as bars and truffles, range from dark to milk and often incorporate diverse elements such as toffee and chili peppers.
The chocolate bars' excellence can be traced to their manufacturer, Storck, who also creates favorites like Werther's Originals, Riesen, and Merci.
Like Aldi, Storck is headquartered in Germany and has a 100-year history of producing chocolate and other confections that people love.
The company prides itself on crafting quality confections, and all the materials for the chocolates and other candies are stringently sourced and manufactured in Germany.
Many of the Moser-Roth chocolate bars are sourced from South American cocoa beans and then roasted in-house at Storck manufacturing plants before being processed.
The company is also dedicated to responsibly acquired materials. Its website states that all of its store-brand chocolate bars are sustainably sourced.