A dish filled with soy sauce
The Elevated Soy Sauce Variety That Will Upgrade Any Asian Dish
By Heather Newman
If you like soy sauce's briny, salty flavor, you can up your game with some mushroom soy sauce.
Like soy sauce, mushrooms are known for umami qualities, so putting these two together results in one extra special sauce.
Mushroom soy sauce is made from straw mushrooms, which are usually sold in a can. They’re dried before being combined with soybeans for fermentation.
The result is a dark soy sauce, meaning that it’s slightly thicker than standard soy sauce, with less salt and a hint of sweetness.
If you're not a fan of fungi, don't worry — you can't taste them in this sauce. The flavor is rich and full of earthiness, but without the overt taste of the straw mushrooms.
Mushroom soy sauce is perfect for enhancing flavors in Asian dishes and can bring a little extra to other endeavors, like pasta sauces and stews that are lacking.
It's widely available at grocery stores and Asian markets, and it makes an ideal addition to your arsenal of kitchen favorites.