glass of tomato juice surrounded by whole tomatoes
The Easy Way To Turn Tomato Sauce Into Tomato Juice
By Stacie Adams
If you want tomato juice without a trip to the store and all the added salt, you can make your own with a mixing bowl, two layers of cheesecloth, a strainer, and tomato sauce.
Take the strainer and layer the cheesecloth inside. Then, take the strainer and place it into the mixing bowl before pouring your tomato sauce over the cheesecloth.
Make sure the sauce evenly covers the cheesecloth and is less than an inch thick, then push it around the strainer with a spatula or spoon to extract more juice.
DIY tomato juice should be used immediately after it’s made, so only use as much sauce as you'll need for a recipe, and use your hands to wring every last bit out of the cloth.
You can also make homemade tomato juice by mixing equal parts water and tomato sauce in a blender and blending at five-second intervals until you achieve your preferred texture.