Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA - January 10, 2012: A can of Pepsi with water droplets shot in the studio and isolated on a white background. Invented in 1898, Pepsi-Cola continues to be one of the world's most popular soft drinks to this day.
The Discontinued Pepsi Flavor We're Not Getting Back Anytime Soon
By Elias Nash
When Coca-Cola announced the upcoming release of Vanilla Coke in 2002, Pepsi was eager to compete. Pepsi Blue went on the market in May 2002, but it was gone in two years.
Berry-flavored Pepsi Blue was mostly marketed to teens, and while they did seem to enjoy it, older demographics had much less favorable opinions on its sweet, artificial flavor.
Debuting halfway through 2002, Pepsi Blue sold 17 million cases in the last half of the year, and only 5 million in all of 2003. The next year, it was discontinued in most stores.
Despite actually making a brief comeback for a limited summertime run in 2021, Pepsi Blue has continued to fade further into the past.