NANTGARW, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 03: A close-up of a McDonald's restaurant sign on June 03, 2020 in Nantgarw, United Kingdom. The restaurant has reopened its doors today to drive-through customers only. The Welsh government has further relaxed COVID-19 lockdown measures this week, allowing people from different households to meet up outside while maintaining social distancing. Schools have remained closed and those who have been advised to shield at home can go outside again but have been told to avoid shopping. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)
The Discontinued McDonald's Snack We Aren't Getting Back
By Stacie Adams
McDonald’s snack wraps have been off the menu since 2016, and though requests to bring them back still persist today, they don’t seem to plan on reintroducing them anytime soon.
In a petition on that features 17,785 signatures, both the healthiness of the item and its convenience are cited as major reasons to bring it back.
However, snack wraps take multiple steps to make, which doesn’t align with McDonald’s streamlined approach to serve as many customers as possible.
Additionally, despite the furor surrounding snack wraps now, they were not one of McDonald’s most popular items, so they were nixed to help prevent food waste and lackluster sales.
However, Canadian McDonald’s has a variety of snack wrap flavors, the UK chains have Big Flavour Wraps, and Wendy’s offers a strikingly similar item.