The entrance of a Costco store.
The Discontinued Costco Food Court Sandwich Fans Wish Would Return
By Kalea Martin
There was a time between 2019 and 2020 when Costco food courts in Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Boston, and Brooklyn served a popular Italian sausage sandwich.
However, it was discontinued when Costco’s food courts simplified its menu during the pandemic to adapt to changes in consumer behavior, product availability, and safety protocols.
Fans of the sandwich that was priced at just $2.79 were left disappointed, and though years have passed since its discontinuation, Costco members are still craving it.
“I'd always stop in Costco for that sausage sandwich and then spend a few hundred — it definitely got me into the store,” one customer reminisced on Reddit.
“I literally stopped shopping there after they got rid of it they destroyed my family ritual of getting one before shopping,” another complained in a TikTok comment.
Costco has brought back discontinued food court items in the past, so loyal fans of Costco’s Italian sausage sandwich have some hope of a comeback.