modena balsamic vinegar barrels for storing and agingmodena balsamic vinegar barrels for storing and aging
The Difference Between Red Wine Vinegar And Balsamic Vinegar
By Heidi Chaya
Some ingredients are so essential to cooking that it's hard to fathom life without them. Balsamic and red wine vinegar are both made from grapes, but they also have some key differences to note.
Red wine vinegar is thin, transparent, purplish-red, and has a sprightlier taste, while balsamic vinegar is dark, opaque, thick, and has a savory, fruity flavor. Authentic balsamic vinegar comes from the juice of whole grapes which are concentrated and fermented, and red wine vinegar comes from red wine which is aged for no more than two years.
Red wine vinegar pairs well with slaw and other mild, cold dishes where its sharpness will be appreciated, as well as with citrus like mandarin cranberry chutney. Balsamic vinegar is more of a condiment than an additive, and it’s great in a Caprese salad, a steak marinade, or in a blend of olive oil and herbs to dip bread in.