"Michigan, USA - May 7, 2012Several single-serving size boxes of Kroger store brand seedless raisins. Kroger is the United States' largest grocery store chain and sells a number of products under the Kroger brand."
The Difference Between Kroger's Private Brands
By Arianna Endicott
Many grocery stores offer cheaper, non-name brand options for basic grocery items. At Kroger, you can get a huge range of store-brand products, and though these items may not be as expensive as name brands, the brand holds itself to the same standard.
Kroger’s Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic offer health-conscious foods like kalamata olives, plant-based dairy-free yogurt and pudding, and keto-friendly crackers. Private Selection offers foods for the elevated diet, like macarons, salted caramel mousse, and charcuterie board elements.
Kroger even offers brands for your furry friends, as Luvsome sells pet treats, flea and tick treatment, and salmon puree, while Abound specializes in wet and dry foods for dogs and cats. The abundance of brands reflects founder Barney Kroger’s focus on private labels.