sloppy joe sandwich
The Difference Between A Sloppy Joe And A Sloppy Otto Sandwich
By Matthew Wilson
While the original sloppy joe recipe calls for loose ground beef mixed with a tomato-based sauce served on two buns, the little-known sloppy otto puts a new twist on the classic.
On a surface level, the sloppy otto and sloppy joe appear similar, but they are distinctly different, with few ingredients in common.
Instead of ground beef, the sloppy otto calls for minced spicy sausage. The pork sausage is mixed with onion, green and yellow sweet peppers, and topped off with cheese.
This sandwich has a cheesy tang and a vastly different mouthfeel compared to the saucy sweetness of the tomato-based sloppy joe, and sauerkraut is typically added as a relish.
Finally, a pretzel bun brings the whole thing together. While the sloppy otto is its own distinct recipe, it does owe some credit to the sloppy joe for paving the way.
Unlike the sloppy joe, you won't find a cultural movement behind the sloppy otto. The sandwich is a more niche variant that lacks the same storied history as the original.
The sloppy otto is a German twist on the American sandwich, minus the cultural relevance in Germany. It seems to derive from an old family recipe passed down through generations.