West Palm Beach, USA - April 18, 2014: A Costco Wholesale store in West Palm Beach, Florida. Costco is a combined department store and supermarket that sells in bulk and requires a club membership to shop. Customers are visible going in and out  of the store entrances.
The Costco Food Database Is A Game-Changing Tool For Costco Shoppers
By Elaina Friedman
It's a challenge to not buy everything on your list and more while shopping at Costco, but some shoppers really want to stick to a grocery list of carefully-chosen items that adhere to their budget. The Costco Food Database is a great tool for determining whether a product is a good buy and belongs on your shopping list, or if it's a dud.
Shoppers who often pore over ingredient lists and look up product reviews on Reddit can turn to the Costco Food Database instead. This website directory allows prospective and existing Costco customers to compare prices, read customer reviews, and otherwise prepare for their next trip to the bulk retailer without feeling overwhelmed.
Beyond customer feedback, reviews in the database include helpful info on the products, ingredient guides, and even recipes. An entry for Kirkland Signature Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, for example, includes where to find it in the store, cites some issues customers have had with the packaging, and lists other Costco mozzarella options.
"We want to create more informed and better Costco shoppers," said Costco Food Database creator Greg Larkin. That's why the site also has a contact form so users can add new items to the database, since not all Costcos sell the same products, and some items are bound to be missing from the database at any given time.