An entrance to a Costco store.
The Costco Food Court Pizza Trick You Wish You Knew Sooner
By Stacie Adams
Costco food courts nationwide are once again carrying onions, meaning nothing will stop a hungry shopper from adding onions to their pizza slice.
Costco's former combo pizza used to include onions before it was discontinued, so the return of onions to Costco food courts is met with excitement.
A commenter on Reddit said, "Most warehouses moved to keeping them behind the counter, instead of the dispenser."
Another commenter went even further with the pizza hack, advising customers to "have them put onions [on the pizza], then back in the oven one more time."
However, some Costco stores are yet to implement the return of onions to their food court. If this is your store, just speak with a friendly food court worker for assistance.