Kitchen utensil, grater with clipping path
The Cooking Spray Hack To Keep Cheese Graters From Getting Sticky
By Heidi Chaya
A cheese grater is one of the many important tools in your kitchen, as you can use it not only for grating cheeses but also for prepping vegetables, spices, and even chocolate. However, while it is a reliable tool, a cheese grater leaves quite a mess after using it.
The best way to keep the sticky cheeses off the grater after use is by spraying your grater with a non-stick cooking spray before using. According to Reader’s Digest Canada, using a non-stick cooking spray makes grating easy and eases cleaning for any type of grater you might have.
McCormick seconds this notion, reporting that a sprayed grater will surrender sticky cheese clumps readily — just be sure to wash it in cold water, not hot. Culinary Lore explains that cold water and a brush will help free up stubborn, clingy cheese bits during dishwashing.