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The Cooked Shrimp Options You'll Find When Shopping At Aldi
By Betsy Parks
Whether you want to fill a shrimp cocktail platter for a party or are just looking for a good price on shellfish for a shrimp boil, Aldi has some solid deals in the frozen section.
They have 12-ounce bags of medium, large, and jumbo-cooked shrimp from $5 to $8, most of which are imported and packaged under their house label, Fremont Fish Market.
While it's not clear where they're imported from, Aldi's shrimp passes their measure of sustainability since Aldi says it's sourced "from responsibly managed fisheries and farms."
In addition to the bags of cooked shrimp, you can also get a 1-pound ring of cooked shrimp from the Fremont Fish Market label for $8.79 (depending on where you live).
This packaging is a party no-brainer; just let the shellfish thaw in the fridge, then pop the top off and serve with some cocktail sauce for a quick and easy appetizer.
If you want to elevate your shrimp spread a little bit, for a few dollars more at $10.99, you can get a 16-ounce bag of trendy Fremont Fish Market Argentine Red Shrimp.