Roasted chicken with rosemary served on black plate with sauces on wooden table, top view
The Compound Benefits Of Steam-Roasting Chicken
By Chase Shustack
There's nothing like digging through flavorful, crispy skin to get to a juicy and tender roast chicken. From the "butterfly" process to simply tossing it into a pot, there are several methods to roast a chicken, but this unique, steamy method will bring you the benefit of a juicy chicken without many all-too-familiar drawbacks.
Using a ceramic, casserole-type kitchen tool called a "Römertopf," start by soaking the lid for 30 minutes, then add the chicken, and put it inside a cold oven before setting it to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. As the chicken cooks, the water will form steam that roasts the chicken from all sides, keeping your chicken both moist and crispy.
The Römertopf's curved design allows the chicken's fats and juices to concentrate in the pan and "self-baste" the bird as it cooks instead of letting the liquids naturally evaporate. Steam-roasting chicken is also a much healthier option since it avoids oils and fats used in standard cooking methods.