gin and tonic with lime
The Cocktail Doors Are Bursting Open With The Italian Gin And Tonic
By Elizabeth Thorn
Recently, a New York City restaurant has remixed the classic gin and tonic into a roseate aperitivo that features multiple gins in a uniquely Italianate riff on the original.
Patrick Smith made the drink to be faithful to authentic aperitivo (an Italian pre-meal drinking custom), stating that he was aiming for something "refreshing, bright, and lifted."
Called the E Tonico (translating to "and tonic"), the drink also takes inspiration from the Negroni, which relies on gin as a base and is one of the most popular aperitivos.
Smith's recipe features old-fashioned navy strength Perry's Tot from New York Distilling Company and the brand's lighter botanical Dorothy Parker gin for its floral accents.
Mulassano Bitter offers a gentle, bitter liqueur profile with a lower proof than Campari, while Cocchi Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry adds a more aromatic sensory experience.
Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, with its brightly herbaceous notes of rosemary and lemon, is the crowning touch, creating an invigorating, unique take on two time-honored classics.