Traditional homemade chickpea hummus with olive oil and spices
The Clever Method That Will Take Your Hummus
Up A Notch
By Carly Weaver
While hummus is abundantly available throughout our local grocery stores, homemade hummus is easy to make, more affordable, healthier, and tastes better than the store-bought version any day. However, among all hummus recipes, Today Meal recipe developer Jennine Rye’s no-fuss hummus, with her one special step, will definitely help you steal the show.
Although the recipe is simple in terms of ingredients, there's a certain order to blending them together that will make for the ultimate creamy spread. As a first step before adding any of the other ingredients, Rye recommends mixing the tahini — store-bought or homemade — with the fresh lemon juice separately as “it makes a difference to the final texture."
According to Rye, ⅓ cup tahini and ¼ cup lemon juice should be pureed for a full minute because the tahini-lemon-blending step is the step that will really lock in the hummus’ "super creamy" quality. You can then add and blend the olive oil, garlic, spices, and chickpeas (in that order) before topping it off with a drizzle of olive oil, paprika, or sumac for a little extra flavor.