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The Clever Hack Martha Stewart Uses When Juicing Lemons
By Mikala Lugen
Trying to juice lemons can be tricky as they have a peculiar shape to them, and can be hard to fit inside a citrus press. Even if you cut the lemon in half, you’ll still have sections with hard ends to try to squeeze, but as shown on the "Martha Stewart Show," the Domestic Goddess has a clever hack for this.
Instead of trying to fit a whole or half a lemon inside the presser, Stewart cuts off both ends of the lemon. "It's hard to fit those giant lemons into this little lemon squeezer. This is a little thing I discovered [...] I cut off the ends without getting into the juice because then you get more juice," Stewart said on her show.
If you don’t have a citrus presser, a recent TikTok trend shows you can squeeze a stream of lemon juice by merely poking a hole at the top of the fruit, preventing any pulp or seeds from coming out with it. Alpha Foodie takes this hack a step further by recommending first to roll the lemon, or microwave it, to make it easier to squeeze.