Willie Nelson playing a guitar at a concert.
The Classicly Simple Food That Willie Nelson Loves For Breakfast
By Kalea Martin
Willie Nelson hails from Texas so you would think that his favorite breakfast dish would be one of the classic dishes Southerners always have on their breakfast table.
However, he told Southern Living that he opts for a lighter breakfast. "If you want to know the truth, about all I eat is oatmeal in the morning," he said.
Nelson's preference for oatmeal appears to be reserved only for when he eats at home rather than something he would order when dining out.
In addition to liking the taste, Nelson explained to E! that he doesn't have a big appetite in the morning. He mentioned to Southern Living that he tries "to eat pretty sensible."
Oats are nutritionally balanced, making them a good choice as Nelson is still busy and active. It makes sense that he would pick a breakfast that would keep him energized all day.