A closeup of a bowl of salsa.
The Classic Seasoning To Skip When Making Homemade Salsa
By Madalyn Mackarey
Whether you’re making a classic pico de gallo salsa or adding fruit to make it sweet, there’s one classic seasoning you don’t need to reach for: ground pepper.
While black pepper can help bring a mild heat to many foods, when it comes to perfect summer salsa recipes, the focus should be on zingy, acidic flavors and spices.
Black pepper isn't powerful enough to break through all the brightness of other traditional salsa ingredients like tomatoes, onions, or fresh, punchy chilis.
Even if you like your salsa to have a kick, you’re better off relying on peppers like jalapeños or serranos. You could also opt for spices like cumin or ground chili powder.
However, if your heart still truly wants some black pepper in your salsa, you can use fresh ground pepper for the most potent flavor.