Pink Squirrel cocktail
The Classic Pink Squirrel Cocktail Only Requires 3 Ingredients
By S. Ferrari
The Pink Squirrel is a simple, lesser-known, classic cocktail and only requires three ingredients: heavy cream, white crème de cacao, and crème de noyaux.
Although it may look pink and fruity, a Pink Squirrel is more almond and chocolate-forward. The heavy cream creates a rich, milkshake-like mouthfeel, perfect for a dessert drink.
Crème de noyaux is made from stone fruit pits (like cherries and apricots), bitter almonds, and botanicals. It has a pinkish color that gives this drink a visual punch.
If you can't get your hands on crème de noyaux, you can substitute it with a three-to-one amaretto to pomegranate juice to mimic the flavor profile and pretty, pink color.
Combine the ingredients, shake with ice to create a frothy texture, and strain the mixture into a coupe. You can dust it with freshly grated nutmeg for some aroma and spice.