sign outside of Chipotle Mexican Grill
The Chipotle Kids' Meal Tip That's Right Under Our Noses
By Erin Metz
Chipotle can be a bit pricey, which is why customers search for any type of menu hack that might save a few bucks. Next time, order the quesadilla meal off the kid's menu.
The portions are large enough to feed a grown adult, especially those who can never finish a whole burrito, and Chipotle will serve it to you regardless of your age.
While prices may vary, a cheese quesadilla, one scoop each of rice and beans, a kid's size fruit or bag of chips, and a drink choice of milk, apple juice, iced tea, or soda is just $4.95.
Ordering additional sides like guac increases the total cost, but the base price for the quesadilla kid's meal is shockingly low, considering all the food it offers.
You can add protein for an extra 60 cents (depending on the location). There's also a taco option for $5.95, but the quesadilla meal provides more food.