Chef Marcus Samuelsson arrives at Glamorama presented by Macy's Passport at Orpheum Theatre on September 16, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.
The Caviar Paste Marcus Samuelsson Can't Stop Using For Breakfast
By Heidi Chaya
Caviar has remained a notoriously luxurious food enjoyed with champagne and served atop high-end brunches worldwide. However, there is a way to enjoy fish eggs, or roe, with a caviar-adjacent product that's a favorite go-to ingredient of Ethiopian-Swedish chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson.
Samuelsson has always got a tube of Kalles Kaviar on hand, describing it as "Swedish cod roe [that's] like a breakfast spread," adding, "it's not fancy" (via Yahoo! Life). Even though roe and caviar are both fish eggs, caviar can only come from wild sturgeons of different species, but in North America, other kinds of roe are often branded and sold as caviar to preserve the wild sturgeon population.
Kalles Kaviar is creamed smoked cod roe and is usually enjoyed on buttered Swedish crispbread, toast, or Ritz crackers, or you can pair it with dill and chive omelets, sandwiches, or hard-boiled eggs. Chef Marcus Samuelsson told Yahoo! that he enjoys it on scrambled eggs, and in an interview with Time Out, he says he also puts it on avocados.