Caprese canapes in glasses on a skewer close up
The Caprese Martini Is Essentially A Salad In A Cocktail Glass
By Alli Neal
At Jac's on Bond in NYC, you'll find the Caprese cocktail, which uses vodka washed in olive oil and infused with tomato and basil, Spanish vermouth, and balsamic vinegar.
When booze is "washed" in liquid fat, like olive oil, it is added to the liquor, shaken, and set aside for a few hours to infuse before being frozen and separated from the alcohol.
The olive oil liquor approximates the richness of mozzarella and olive oil and balances the tomato's and balsamic's sharpness, giving it a grassy flavor and rich mouthfeel.
The drink, served up with a skewered cherry tomato, was first posted on the bar's Instagram account in February 2023 and proved to be an adventurous and inclusive cocktail.