A closeup of a bowl of chili topped with cheese.
The Canned Chili Brand We Consider Top-Tier
By Meaghan Cameron
Many great quality canned chili brands are available at the grocery store, but if you truly value top-notch flavor, you would pick Pacific Foods Organic White Bean Verde Chili.
This chili won high marks for its fresh flavor, which combines the tanginess of green tomatillos with the smokiness of poblano peppers.
This unique chili centers around bright flavors from several aromatic green veggies and doesn’t feature tomatoes, so you won't be comparing it to a classic beef and bean chili.
The jalapeños, tomatillos, and poblano peppers give the chili a backbone of freshness that canned chilis often lack. It's also plant-based.
It contains two types of beans, white and chickpeas, which provide varying texture and unbeatable flavor as they absorb the oregano, lime, and garlic notes from the thick broth.