A closeup of a bowl of refried beans.
The Briny Ingredient That Upgrades Canned Refried Beans
By Allison Lindsey
Canned refried beans can have a stodgy, flavorless, and rather inedible appearance. However, you can give them a new lease on life with the addition of pickle juice.
The acidity and tanginess of the pickle juice cuts through the heaviness of the beans, giving them a much-needed refreshing and uplifting edge.
Similarly, the vinegar in pickle juice can tenderize and loosen up the concentrated brick of beans, facilitating a smoother and more spoonable texture.
Its tangy, bright essence adds depth and complexity to the beans' flavor. Simply introduce a dash of juice to the beans while they cook until they develop an appealing texture.
Stove-top heating is preferred to microwaving because you can stir the beans continuously and manually distribute the brine throughout.