bowl of cook crawfish
The Best Way To Reheat Crawfish And Avoid That Rubbery Texture
By Asia McLain
Crawfish often becomes tough and rubbery when reheated, but you can preserve its initial sweet-yet-salty flavor and smooth texture by perfectly sauteing it in a pan.
Leftover crawfish is very perishable and needs to be refrigerated or frozen in an airtight container within two hours of being cooked and used within four days of storage.
To reheat your crawfish, lightly oil a skillet over medium heat and add your crawfish in a single layer. Alternatively, add some crab boil seasoning, minced onion, or garlic.
Cook for no more than 3 to 4 minutes, turning frequently so the crawfish don't stick and burn. The oil helps them maintain moisture to prevent that dreaded, rubbery texture.
If your crawfish was originally in a rice or pasta dish, you can also reheat it using this saute method. Just remove it from the dish first and reheat it separately.
If you don't want to saute your crawfish, you can re-boil them or heat them with spices like Old Bay, peppercorns, or ginger in a steamer basket over a pot of boiling water.