Barbecue sauce in a bowl
The Best Way To Push Back The Sweetness Of Store-Bought BBQ Sauce
By Angel Albring
You can tone down the sweetness and improve the flavor of an overly sweet store-bought BBQ sauce by adding a bit of vinegar.
Vinegar is an acidic substance with a low pH level, while sugar is a neutral substance with a medium pH level. So, the vinegar can easily offset the added sugar in BBQ sauce.
To balance out flavors, you can add almost any edible acid-base, such as mustard and citrus juice, or use apple cider vinegar or Worcestershire sauce for a tangy flavor.
It's best to start by adding small amounts of any ingredient to your BBQ sauce and taste it as you go, adding more until it achieves the flavor you want.
Adding ingredients can also alter the sauce's consistency, so take care while using it on meats — a sauce that's too thick won't spread well, but if it's too thin, it'll be runny.