A pile of golden, freshly cooked roast potatoes.
The Best Way To Get Crispier Breakfast Potatoes Requires No Extra Frills
By Branden C. Potter
Breakfast potatoes are a perfectly savory and flavorful addition to a full breakfast. The best and easiest way to make them crispier is to use a skillet.
Use a covered skillet or nonstick pan to trap steam and thoroughly heat the potatoes. This retained heat results in evenly cooked potatoes with a flavorful interior.
Start by heating vegetable oil until the potatoes crackle upon entering the pan. You can also use bacon grease to give your potatoes extra flavor.
Arrange the potatoes so they cover the bottom of the pan without overlapping. Tightly secure the lid so steam doesn't escape, and cook them for 20 minutes without stirring.
Then, uncover the pan, introduce seasonings or other veggies, and cook everything until the potatoes are golden brown and crispy.