colorful ice cube trays
The Best Way To Fill An Ice Cube Tray Was Right Under Our Noses
By Kuamel Stewart
It can be tricky to fill an ice tray without getting water all over your kitchen, but the simple solution is to aim for those small, flat areas between the molds in the tray.
By letting the water from your faucet run over the flat areas in between the molds on the ice tray, you get an even distribution of water in the cells surrounding each flat area.
You no longer have to move the ice tray precisely from side to side, rock it back and forth, or tilt it like a seesaw to get an even distribution of water to fill each cell.
One of the keys to this hack is ensuring that the stream of water coming from your faucet isn't too strong because, if it is, the water may end up splashing everywhere.
Position one of the flat areas near the end of the tray under a light stream of water so it smoothly fills the four cells surrounding the flat area.
Most ice cube trays come with 12, 14, or 16 cells and several flat areas, and you can fill the entire tray by keeping the water streaming over a single flat area.