Neapolitan pizza on the table
The Best Type Of Wine To Drink With White Pizza
By Betsy Parks
The formula for authentic white pizza is pretty simple: Thin pizza crust topped with olive oil, garlic, herbs, and some sea salt, baked until it's lightly browned, and usually topped with a blend of Italian cheeses. Its devoted fans will argue it’s just as good as regular pizza, especially when it's paired with an excellent wine to complement its simpler flavor profile.
In her book “The Wine Bible,” Karen MacNeil recommends a lighter-bodied wine for more delicate foods, such as white pizza. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and German Riesling are versatile food wines that can handle spiciness and will taste great with a white slice or two, and Chardonnay can also pair nicely with the creaminess of the cheese and the fresh flavors of the green herbs and garlic.
Since regional food flavors tend to evolve from the wines available to local chefs, pairing white pizza with a Northwest Italian rosé Prosecco would be a great match. A sparkling rosé is also a great option for its ability to cut through the saltiness and fat, such as a rosé Lambrusco, which will provide a bright, fresh acidity.