Homemade traditional irish beef stew or ragout with carrot, onion, parsley in Guinness beer sauce in a plate on a wooden table, selective focus. Image with copy space.
The Best Type Of Meat To Use For Beef Stew
By Jason Cruzan
It is difficult to choose the right cut of beef for stew when there are so many great options available. However, Gordon Ramsay believes brisket is the best cut, saying that a good thing about it, is its sinew, which is terrible for a steak, but when it is slow cooked, "it is a gift, and it slowly melts away, giving you unbelievable textures."
Another great option, as championed by J.Kenji López-Alt, is to use a chuck roast stating that what makes this cut so great for stew is all the marbling and all that "fat and connective tissue are going to keep it juicy as it cooks. Ina Garten also uses chuck and suggests adding short ribs with red wine or cognac to elevate it.
Both sirloin or eye of round cuts are also excellent and inexpensive choices for stewing and braising beef. In contrast, if money is no object and you have the patience for it — Oxtail is a highly recommended option by experts, despite the long cooking time and the presence of bones that you’ll need to remove before serving.