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The Best Seasonings To Elevate Your Tin Of Anchovies
By Elaina Friedman
Of all the salty swimmers that comprise the tinned fish craze, anchovies are a star. Irrespective of whether you use them to add umami richness to spaghetti sauce or eat them straight out of the tin, there are a few ways to level up your Italian-inspired snack the next time a craving strikes.
In an interview, chef Daniel Levine of Miami craft ice cream shop Dasher & Crank noted, "Nicknamed 'Italian MSG,' [anchovies] are loaded with glutamates, the chemical compound that we perceive as umami." The chef likes to sauté a few anchovies in olive oil with garlic for a quick pasta dish, to which he adds red pepper flakes, parsley, white wine, and lemon juice.
Levine admits being averse to "fishiness" but swears that anchovies lose any sign of the sea once they hit the pan. However, if you like that subtle eau de mer, we suggest draping a few anchovies over a classic niçoise salad, a slice of pizza, or a piece of toast brushed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil.