Milk cartons in refrigerator
The Best Place To Store Milk In The Fridge Isn't Near The Door
By Julia Mullaney
As the refrigerator door is the perfect width to hold a standard milk carton, it has become a familiar location for people to store their milk over time. However, the refrigerator door is often the warmest location in the appliance, which means your milk can spoil more quickly and go to waste, costing you more money if you aren't storing it in an ideal location.
When you put milk near the door, it's exposed to the highest temperatures in your refrigerator as the area is blasted by warm air from your home, causing your milk to spoil much quicker than if you stored it in the coldest spot. The back of the bottom shelf tends to be the best place to withstand temperature fluctuations, so it's a great place to store your most perishable items.
Most condiments, butter, juice, soda, and water are welcome to stay near the door as they are less susceptible to spoiling than milk. Regarding what you shouldn't store in the door, milk and eggs are the two most important products to relocate, as eggs spoil quickly, and meat and fish should also be kept as far away from the refrigerator door as possible.