The Best Kind Of Flavored Vinegar To Splash Over Grilled Meats
By Haldan Kirsch
Infused vinegars have been flavored by another ingredient, and they can be used as a bright, acidic sauce that brings a depth of flavor to many dishes. Because steak is often given a rich flavor by its high fat content, if you're adding anything more than salt to it, you want something that will balance out those flavors, and there's one vinegar better than any other.
Hot pepper vinegar is the perfect compliment to a charred hunk of meat because it cuts through the rich flavor while adding a fiery kick. Samin Nosrat points out in her Netflix series, "Salt Fat Acid Heat," that acids like flavored vinegar make for great garnishes on richer foods, and you can define the flavor and control how much heat you'll be adding when you make your own.
Vinegar flavored with malagueta peppers is used at Brazilian steakhouses like Fogo de Chão, but you can use fresh habaneros, jalapeños, serrano peppers, or dried chiles like ancho or guajillo. Use twice the volume of white distilled vinegar to fresh peppers, or 10 to 15 grams of dried chiles for every 2 cups of vinegar, and check if it's ready after a week or two.